News From Cartmel Racecourse

Published 2023/02/03
Dear Friend,

As we head through the winter months, we wanted to let you know what we are up to….

Firstly, back in November our team were crowned overall Racecourse Ground Staff Champions – no mean feat when you consider the other finalists were York and Ascot!!
We are so proud of the whole team who all contribute to the safe turf management and to the wonderful green and lush carpet of grass that awaits you on a race day

We helped our neighbours in November by assisting with the annual Christmas in Cartmel event – if you were here, didn’t it all look magical??

Then on to the business of winter – the track rests, so Gary and Jamie become the custodians of Cartmel – mending and fixing and actually refurbishing too!

We wanted to improve the stable team canteen facility and so we have really made an effort to create a fresh new space here, ready for our visitors in May – many of the stable teams travel very long distances to be with us on a race day and we wanted to make this area a bit more comfortable

The jockey rest area (which was created at the start of 2022, very quickly) has also had a facelift and we are currently working on menus for race days...

Some things you can’t see (like weeding and plumbing repairs) – every year we walk the site as a broader team and decide the jobs that should be prioritised…this year we all wanted to replace some older buildings (well that’s a fancy name for sheds) – so look out for some shiny new operational sheds

Then the race planning gets under way – the programme is under constant scrutiny and we work with the BHA race planners here

Finally, we go on sale! But this year with two new customer areas – our Tipi and our Parade Ring restaurant – take a look 
here at all of our race day propositions

We do hope you can join us in 2023 – it would be great to see you. What we do at Cartmel is really a big piece of fun and doesn’t everyone need something to look forward to?

All the very best,

Team Cartmel