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Promoting Your Business

Promote your business through high profile online advertising with UKs number one racing resource web site, with over 2+ million unique visitors, and in excess of 17 million page views a year. Visitors spend an average of three minutes on the web site, with an average of 60 seconds per page view. The web site has an average of 4+ visitors every minute, of every hour, of every day, 365 days a year.

Advertising Your Business

You can advertise your business with a comprehensive package of online advertising, on your selected racecourse fixtures page, with direct links to your business web site.

Your web site is your shop window and the doorway to your business, the most important advertising tool in your possession. To choose your racecourse, go to 'Search by Racecourse' and select your racecourse.

Featured Articles

Racing Fixtures would like to offer you a Featured Article on the Racecourse Fixtures page you select to promote and advertise your business, services, and products.

A Featured Article content is generally interpreted as a blog about your business.

Your Featured Article can include images, videos, and links, on the Racecourse Fixtures Page of your choice, and will cost £350 per article.

No doubt you will have used a copy writer to compose your brochures, and other written advertising, where space limitations restrict the number of characters and images that can be shown. With a Featured Article space limitations do not exist.

The Featured Article can include:

  1. Up to four carefully targeted hyperlinks (one must be yours)
  2. Images
  3. A video or two
  4. The text must always align with the general theme of the web site

The web site shows the meeting dates of the 59 UK racecourses with a dedicated page for each Racecourse (all meeting dates to the last day of the year).

The web site displays the Point To Point Fixtures on an area by area basis.

Therefore businesses can target their Featured Article advertising to their selected areas of the UK. Your advertising can then cover small, large, or specific areas of the UK.

Racecourse areas

  1. Counties
  2. Regions
  3. Countries (England, Wales, Scotland)

The Featured Article will initially be added to the News Page as well.

Reply by email of call/text to 07771704888 to get started.

To get started contact us now!

Local Racecourse Businesses Advertising

  • Text listing in the relevant category for your business on the racecourse page of your choice.
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Text description of your business, services, products etc.
  • Phone Number
  • Web Site Link
  • Email Link
  • 120 x 90 pixel banner displaying an image of your business with name and phone number, linking directly to your web site when clicked
  • New addition for this year - your Face Book link, and your Twitter link.

The cost of this comprehensive package of online promotion is £140 for 12 months (no VAT).

Visitors to can view the race dates both on a course by course basis, with each racecourse having its own page, and on a by date basis right through until the end of 2024.

With the advent of smart phones, tablets, iPads, notebooks, and as technology rapidly progresses anyone can access the internet at the touch of the screen, browsing web sites, sending emails and texts on the move, or wherever they are.

Highlight it! - Promote it! - Get it seen!

The latest racing news from the racing authorities, the racecourses, and the racing industry is viewed both on the Home page and the News page of

In addition, many visit the website to research local amenities such as hotels, restaurants, travel information, and shopping, local businesses and suppliers, and to plan ahead to attend the race meetings.

Visitors to the web site include businesses and individuals looking to buy tickets and/or to book hospitality at any of the racecourses.

Horse racing is the second most attended sport in the UK, with over 6 million attendances annually at the 59 UK racecourses. In economic terms the value of horse racing to the UK economy is around £3.8 billion annually and directly supports some 18,600 full time equivalent jobs.

The demographic profile of the horse racing market is:

  • Affluent
  • Mixed Age/Sex Demographic
  • Geographically disparate
  • Exceptionally, high repeat rates.

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Dave Turnbull
Racing Fixtures Ltd.

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