Published 2022/08/31


To all visitors, and adverisers, to the leading idependent, racing resource web site

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Racing Fixtures dates for the UK Racecourses have been added to the leading, independent racing resource web site Racing Fixtures.

The 2023 fixtures are now available both on 'by date' basis (click here), and on a course by course basis with a seperate page for each racecourse fixtures (click here).

The 2023 dates are freely accesible to all, for planning ahead to visit racecourses, book tickets, or to  arrange and book hospitality at any of the racecourses by visiting that racecourse fixtures page and selecting the options link of your choice.

Advertising on Racing Fixtures web site

We welcome advertisers to the Racing Fixtures web site (click here)

You can place advertising on your local racecourse fixtures page, or target your advertising by region by selecting the racecourse fixtures pages in the region.

Plan your advertising campaigne and select the racecourse fixtures pages, or advertise across the entire site.



The fixtures are reproduced under license to the British Horseracing Authority. (m326) © British Horseracing Authority 2022 - 2023. The fixtures may be subject to alteration.