How To Introduce Your Friends To Horse Racing

Published 2021/07/12

How To Introduce Your Friends To Horse Racing

Horse racing is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. In the UK it is a historic pastime that is enjoyed by people from across society. Whether you’re interested in building a betting strategy that evolves as you get deeper into the sport, a horse lover who is captivated by the power and prowess of the horses that are racing or simply a lover of the social occasion that horse racing offers, there are many reasons why horse racing is one of the oldest and best loved sports of the nation. However, if you are introducing the sport to a friend, it can be difficult to know where to start in order to ensure that they fall in love with the sport in the same way that you have. Take a look at our key tips on how to introduce your friends to horse racing so that you can share all the best racing tips for UK races and enjoy the great sport of horse racing together.

1. Start small

It may be easy for you to pick and choose the races and the horses that you know and love, but just take a step back for a moment and consider the overwhelming amount of choice and information that is on offer when it comes to horse racing. When introducing a friend to the sport, be sure to start small and focus on just one event at a time.

2. Watch races before betting

Don’t jump straight into making bets. Watch races together without placing a stake to begin with. This will help your friends to understand the sport and even a small amount of understanding will then help them to make more informed bets later in the day.

3. Go to the races

Although watching the races on TV is fun and exhilarating, there is nothing quite like the real thing. Get out to a track together and see the wonderful animals in all their glory. The buzz and thrill of the track on race day is tough to match, and it is often this feeling that gets people interested in betting on the races as they feel that they want to be a part of the emotion that is flowing on the day.

4. Reading and research

Any seasoned bettor knows that doing your homework is key when it comes to backing a winner. Educate your friends about the best places to look for tips, how to read the race cards and how the odds work. Once they have a handle on the importance of researching and planning a bet they will be able to start building their own strategy and this is when most people become engaged in the sport as they see their interest being a long term investment.

5. Language lessons

Horse Racing has its own language, and if you are not versed in it, you can find yourself feeling alienated and confused. Point your friends in the direction of a good horse racing terminology list so that they are able to pick out the terms that they are unsure of and learn the lingo that they hear other seasoned bettors and spectators using around the races.