Betting on horses or cards: Understanding the fundamental differences between horse racing and online casinos

Published 2023/07/05

Betting on horses or cards: Understanding the fundamental differences between horse racing and online casinos


Given the popularity of online gambling in the UK and Ireland, people started to get confused with terms and odds.

Horse racing is usually compared to various sports and games, from ordinary to unusual. The most common one is casino card games. Thus they are far from being the same. They both fall under the betting category because bettors need some level of knowledge, not only luck, to ensure winning.

Moreover, you can also compare and contrast which might benefit you the best. You can even develop new hobbies like learning and devoting time to horse hospitals or learning card tricks. Let’s see what differentiates them and what suits you.

The activities baseline

Card games can be played against each other or the dealer. When betting on card games, the focus is on the player’s skill and strategy in playing the game. In blackjack, the player bets against the dealer and tries to win by having a hand higher than the dealer’s without going over 21. The player can win by having the dealer bust or go over 21.

In contrast, in horse racing wagers, the bettor predicts which horse will win the race. This involves analysing various factors, such as the horse’s form, the jockey, the track conditions, etc. Bettors can place different types of bets, such as a winning bet (betting on the horse to win), an each-way stake (betting on the horse to either win or place), or an exotic wager (betting on multiple horses or outcomes).

House advantage

Casino card games have different house advantages for each bet. The house advantage is the casino tax you pay for each win you have. For example, if you wager a blackjack bet with a 2% tax rate, you get $98 for any $100 you might win.

Remembering all these might seem a bit complicated at the beginning, but usually, online, you can read the game’s details before starting. The point is that the maximum percentage you can pay back to the casino is 15%.

At horse race betting, you wager on the possibility that an event might occur during the game, during a certain time or with a specific racer. Online sportsbooks have taxes on winning withdrawing, but not a house advantage. However, the lack of casino fees doesn’t guarantee a sure win.

For example, you win more with parlay bets than with straight bets. Some prop bets have a 50/50 chance of happening, while others depend on the number of racers and outside factors.

Critical points for house advantage and withdrawal fees

The chances to win on horse racing odds are better than winning at a casino slot game, but not due to taxes. Knowledge is power, and you can use the knowledge about the horse’s background, trainer, and jockey to anticipate. However, the sportsbooks will probably pick the mass’s favourite and put unfair odds, so you’ll win less money.

Card games also require skill and knowledge; some even require cheat sheets or complex betting systems. But it’s hard to anticipate the next card.



Although you can find betting pages all year round on reputable platforms, the offers are different. Casino card games are available 24/7. These have live dealers you can interact with, tables with different minimum bet sizes and various game alterations. Card games are also present in land-based casinos, given their popularity. Each medium-sized gambling establishment has at least five tables for card games.

There are several options for UK punters, and multiple platforms offer options for horse racing as well. However, racings need preparations and constant training. These are usually available for betting before and during tournaments or championships.

So, horse racing odds are not always available because they need more time and money. But in recent years, more and more horse racing tournaments have emerged in various countries, making the sport more accessible for fans and betting enthusiasts.

The people

There are differences regarding people who engage in these activities, such as background, wealth, and the perceived nobility of the sport.

Casino card game bettors come from various backgrounds and demographics, ranging from working-class individuals to wealthy high-rollers. On the other hand, horse racing bettors tend to come from more affluent backgrounds and often have a greater appreciation for the sport of horse racing. They usually have a passion for horses from early life, while poker or blackjack players develop it after 20-25 years old.

In casinos, you can find casual gamblers looking to have a bit of fun and maybe win some money or professional gamblers who make their living from gambling.

Horse racing bettors tend to fall more towards the middle and upper class, with a tremendous amount of disposable income to spend on betting. Horse racing bettors often view their sport as the noblest of all sports, with an incredible history and traditions. They may view it as a form of art or entertainment and appreciate the beauty and athleticism of the horses.

Despite these differences, both enjoy the thrill of betting and learning strategies to achieve financial winnings.