Where can you find the best horse racing offers online?

Published 2021/08/12

Where can you find the best horse racing offers online?

Horseracing is one of the most popular global sports, with The Grand National alone attracting nearly 600 million yearly viewers. Whilst the races themselves are an exciting spectacle, betting is part of the sport’s culture and integral to the experience.

Multiple internationally renowned events take place every year, making horseracing a favourite amongst punters and betting companies alike. Some of the most popular events outside of the UK include the Dubai World Cup and the Kentucky Derby.

Gone are the days of walking to bookmakers to get involved, with betting online emerging as an extremely popular alternative. The accessibility of the internet means that betting on a horse no longer requires you to leave the living room.

Online betting companies have been quick to capitalise on such widespread interest, creating a myriad of online deals. Find out more information here to ensure you are selecting the offers that best suit you.

Selecting a horse to bet on can be a methodical process of studying form and racing pedigree amongst other factors. Betting online means access to an abundance of such information that can prove decisive when picking a horse.

Alternatively, for many people it’s as easy as picking the horse whose name most appeals to them.

With so many sites with varying offers, the world of online betting can be confusing. This article will detail everything you need to know about getting value for money when betting at the races online.

Looking for Offers Online

With a seemingly endless amount of choice, selecting where to spend your money can feel like a headache.

Luckily, the most trusted betting sites offer the best deals on horseracing, including PaddyPower, Ladbrokes, Betway, William Hill and more. As well as their deals on betting, some other advantages of each are listed below.

PaddyPower is the only site that offers free access to all races from the UK and Ireland.

Ladbrokes provides occasional free bets for existing customers, whereas most other sites’ deals are exclusive to new customers.

Betway offers the most in depth statistics breakdowns suited towards experienced betters. Such breakdowns offer the chance for newer players to improve their understanding of the sport and refine their betting game.

William Hill boasts the most comprehensive market of all, with races from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Furthermore, most companies also offer easily navigable apps for mobile phones and tablets, allowing for betting on the go.

With such profound popularity, other sites have developed based solely around comparing the best offers available.

The Importance of Online Offers

It’s a given that value for money is a top priority when picking an ideal site. One advantage of internet betting is the variety of deals.

With so many potential customers, an extremely competitive betting environment has led to great offers emerging on horseracing.

Betting offers are important as they help to compensate for a lack of in-person experience. When there is such a vast array of choice, companies know that only the best offers will suffice.

However, with so much betting jargon thrown around online, the specific conditions of a certain offer can become unclear. Below, some of the most popular betting terms are explained.

Boosted odds:

Plain and simple, some odds for specific outcomes are boosted, meaning higher pay-outs at no increased financial risk. These are most commonly seen on popular outcomes from big events, when odds would usually be at their worst.

Free bets:

These are one of the most commonly offered sign-up bonuses. Often, a first deposit will be rewarded with a free bet, which must be staked and can’t simply be withdrawn.

Risk-free bets:

Horse Racing can be cruel for punters, with injuries and the risk of a jockey dismounting constant hazards. This is a safeguard should things not go your way, returning money lost from an unsuccessful bet as a stake.

Furthermore, due to the variety of bets that can be placed, betting deals on horseracing can be particularly fruitful.

The most straightforward way to bet is simply to pick the horse you think will win the race. Alternatively, with an each way bet a pay-out is awarded, at reduced odds, for a finish in the top three.

Betting on the top three in the correct order is considerably harder, but very rewarding. With so many races taking place, accumulators that are dependent on achieving multiple results can be very profitable.

Tote pools combine select players’ stakes into a huge jackpot, which is subsequently shared amongst all winners.


The horse racing betting market is thriving, with the best deals provided online by almost all major bookmakers. Distinguished horse racing events take place every year, with companies vying for new customers by offering exceptional deals.

There are a range of different ways to bet on horse racing, with many having enticing odds. When combined with the online deals, betting at the races can turn a neat profit.

With so many sites offering deals, personal preference is key and no one bookmaker is objectively better. Comparison sites present the deals offered in a concise manner, meaning that finding a bargain on horse racing is easy.