Tips on Making Money on Online Horse Racing

Published 2021/09/03

Tips on Making Money on Online Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is a very popular form of gambling and it has been for many years. As the industry evolved, horse race betting also became popular in an online form and many people watch races and place bets in order to earn some money. However, there are many rules to be followed and you need to know a few tips and tricks in order to win as much money as possible on horse racing.

Find a Good Site

There are thousands of online gambling sites and you have to be careful with your choices. You never know if a site is trustworthy unless you do your research. As far as horse racing sites are concerned, you can find various online reviews of those sites and stick to big names and good reviews in order to avoid any scams or sites with impossible odds.

Avoid the “win bet”

When betting on horse racing people tend to place their bets based upon some arbitrary factors. Those usually include people liking the name of the horse or if they share ethnicity with the jockey, and so on. These types of bets are usually referred to as “win bets” and it involves simply choosing a horse and betting on it to win the race. However, this type of betting has the lowest odds of winning. In order to avoid such low odds, you should do some research on the horse, track, race and jockey. See what type of track is involved (turf, dirt, etc). See the track record of the horse and if it performs well and consistently under the chosen conditions. Do some research on the jockey, and so on. With all this research you will only increase the chances of your financial reward to be high.

Take advantage of “place bets”

Place bets are those where you bet on a horse to finish within a certain range (for example top 3 or 4), rather than betting on it to finish the race in one specific position. Place bets are one of the safest bets in horse racing and the odds are good. However, they generally have smaller pay-out, but that is way better than no pay-out or losses.

Feel free to bet on multiple races

When you place more bets at the same time, statistically you are more likely to win. This can also let you diversify the types of bets you make. What is more, by placing a few smaller and safer bets you can leave some room for placing one higher-risk bet with a bigger payout. This strategy could lead to a big-money win. And if you don’t win the higher-risk bet, your losses have more chance to be covered by those two smaller and safer bets.

Always play the odds

If you see terms like “7 to 1”, this represents theoretical chances for each horse of winning the race. However, make sure to remember that statistics don’t lie. For example, if there is a horse that has come last in his last 10 races, odds are that it will continue to do so. So, if you bet on that horse to win and it does win, it could get you a big pay-out. However, if you bet on that horse to lose you will be given the most protection. That is why you should always play the odds since it will give you control over your money once the wager has been placed.

Horse racing is thrilling and exciting and there are chances of making some money on them. However, you need to be careful with your budget and develop some strategies and definitely do your research before placing the bet. All this simply secures you less losses and more wins.