Point-to-Point 2020/21 UPDATE

Published 2020/10/16

Tickets - All must pre-register!

An e-ticketing solution is being worked on for participants, officials and owners to apply for tickets - as a reminder paying public will not be permitted until at least 2021.

System still being refined but it will not open before Monday afternoon, by which stage we will know how many entries have been made for this coming weekend.

The problem is that some Local Authorities are putting on maximum numbers for Amber Zone (Owners) and so it has to be fair distribution and limits may be placed.

Please note the following: - Contact Details for all.

When you pre-register, please ensure that you have contact details available for everyone for whom you are registering -


Please make sure everyone in your vehicle is going to the same zone – your car will be turned away if mixed zone passes.

NB a p2p is based on a vehicle, under Rules is essentially pedestrian with shelter so walking in to a stripped down p2p will not be pleasant. -


A charge of £5 per person will be applied to all owners registering for tickets. -


Unfortunately, due to system’s shortcomings, I am afraid children will have to be registered as adults meaning that they will have to pay if registered as ‘Owners’.

Parents can, however, provide their own contact details in such cases.

We will try to improve system. -


You will also be asked to tick a box saying that you agree to take part in a survey by Bath University. These surveys will be ongoing through the season and used to prove how inherently safe our sport is. This is key for getting clearance at National and Local levels and will be used to get return of paying public. Please support.

Restricted Areas – Change of Plan Providing that you are well you can come to a point to point even if you live or work in a local Covid restricted area. However, in return there will be a health questionnaire and temperature checks on arrival at the gate.

Code of Conduct.

When you register for tickets you will have to tick a box saying that you and all those for whom you are applying will be aware of and comply with the Code of Conduct which will be there to read. We provide an example of the Code of Conduct on our website here – please read

Maisemore Park.

I am sorry to report that at this stage sadly we cannot confirm whether Maisemore Park will be able to go ahead on Sunday, October 25. If it does not, all entries will be refunded. Everyone is doing all that they can to move forward, and the signs are extremely good with us being well ahead in horses and jockeys qualified compared with same time last year before start of season.

Please keep checking the website for further updates in what is an extremely fluid situation.

We hope to get into a routine setting out situation for following weekend on the Tuesday of each week, but I am afraid I cannot guarantee that at present.