Is UK Horse Racing Going to Experience A Boom In 2022?

Published 2021/09/27

Is UK Horse Racing Going to Experience A Boom In 2022?

When the coronavirus epidemic started, it was clear that it’ll hit many industries hard. The sports and sports betting industries were among those with the largest losses. Sports were being held behind closed doors, and even horse racetracks weren’t allowed to accept spectators. It has been a year of financial losses, but it seems that there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s all because of vaccination. Scientists have worked hard to develop a vaccine in under a year. Even if the numbers of vaccinated people are not as high as the world expected, vaccination is the vessel that will take us back to normal function. The same goes for sports including horse racing, where attendees are soon expected back at the biggest events.

Brighter Times Ahead

Spectators are a key part of horse races. The races are wildly exciting for sure, but so is the social element of going to the races and betting on them. Going to the races and not placing at least a fiver is like going to and not trying the jackpots – it simply isn’t worth it. With luck playing a part in both, who says you won’t win a million on a single bet of just a few pennies?

For more than a year, racetracks have either been closed for spectators or open to a limited number of punters. Just like football, it didn’t allow horse racing to blossom in all its glory. Horse racing festivals are all about socializing and enjoying the show, not just the races. While horse racing fans were unable to enjoy that for a long time, they may finally be allowed to enter racetracks the following year.

There’s still no confirmation about it, but experts believe that only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to watch the races. That’s been the case with other sports and venues so far, and considering the global politics, it would be wrong to think otherwise. If you’re a fan of races and you haven’t got your shot so far, you have plenty of time to get it. It’s the only way to defeat the pandemic and get life back to normal soon.

What Can Fans Watch Soon?

With horse racing set to allow spectators back at the races soon, there will be plenty to look forward as early as next year. The season kicks off with the Victor Handler Chase in Ascot in January, while the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham takes place 2 months later.

The Queen Mother’s Champion Chase will take place in March too, just like the World Hurdle on the same track. After all, it’s time for heavyweights such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National in late March and early April. The Epsom Derby takes place on the first Saturday in June, while the Gold Cup in Ascot returns the same month. Horse racing fans can finally look forward to a normal schedule, and we have to say that we’re glad the races are back.