Published 2021/04/27

Featured Articles

Racing Fixtures would like to offer you a Featured Article on the Racecourse Fixtures page of your choice, to promote and advertise your business, services, products, events, racing festivals, or organisation.

A Featured Article content is generally interpreted as a blog about your business.

No doubt you will have used a copy writer to compose your brochures, and other written advertising, where space limitations restrict the number of characters and images that can be shown.

With a Featured Article such space limitations do not exist.

Your Featured Article can include images, videos, and links, on the Racecourse Fixtures Page of your choice, and will cost £350 per article.

The Featured Article can include:

1/ Up to four carefully targeted hyperlinks

2/ Images

3/ A video or two

4/ The text must always align with the general theme of the web site

Racing Fixtures web site shows the meeting dates of the 59 UK racecourses with a dedicated page for each Racecourse (all meeting dates to the last day of the year).

The web site displays the Point To Point Fixtures on an area by area basis.

You can target your Featured Article advertising to selected areas of the UK.


Racecourse areas



Countries (England, Wales, Scotland)

The Featured Article will initially be added to the News Page in addition to your selected Racecourse fixtures page(s) for a time period chosen by your self.

Reply by email to [email protected] or call/text to 07771704888 to get started.

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