Beverley Racecourse statement as racing abandoned due to safety concerns

Published 2022/05/25

Beverley Racecourse statement as racing abandoned due to safety concerns

James Smailes  | 4 Hull live

Today's race meeting at Beverley Racecourse was abandoned after just four races, with safety concerns surrounding a part of the course given for the early halt to proceedings.

The Beverley Bullet is the most famous race at Beverley Racecourse.

Following the conclusion of the fourth race of the day an inspection took place on the course around the bottom bend of the racecourse, with a decision taken the course was not safe for horses or jockeys as the meeting was called to an abrupt halt.

Beverley Racecourse chief executive Sally Iggulden explained they had no option but to bring the meeting to a premature close and they will now begin immediate work on the course ahead of Saturday's next meeting.

"Unfortunately we have had a very lush growth of grass recently. We had a shower before racing and we haven't watered for this meeting," explained Iggulden.

"The rest of the track has been riding absolutely great but unfortunately it wasn't safe and that's the main importance. Going forward we will move the rail back into it's original position which will put them back onto the racing line they've raced on for the first four meetings of the season, which should give them more traction and grip as the grass isn't as long there."

Racegoers who were at today's meeting are being advised to keep their badges or tickets and await further updates from the racecourse.