Best horse racing calculator

Published 2022/03/09

Best horse racing calculator

Betting is a numbers game. Understanding your returns if you place a specific bet on a horse can help you determine whether you are making a smart decision.

Horse racing calculators are available everywhere, including with bookies themselves. Simply plug in your bet type, proposed wager and your horse, and the calculator will generate the numbers for what such a bet would return if you placed it now.

So, what will you find in the best horse racing calculator on the market , and what are some of the nuances you need to be aware of?

What is a horse racing calculator?

Figuring out how much you can expect to get from a successful wager usually requires some mental mathematics. The age of online betting has changed all that. Bookies have realized they need to provide an easy way for customers to know how much their potential winnings change based on their stake and the odds of the horse.

While working out what a bet on a 6-1 horse, for example, was simple, doing the same calculation with an exotic bet, such as an accumulator, is a different proposition entirely.

Horse racing calculators are simple enough to use: 

· Add your chosen horse to your betting slip. It will automatically update with the current odds.

· Choose your bet type, such as a ‘win’ bet or an ‘each way’ bet

· Enter your proposed stake

After adding everything to the calculator, you’ll see your returns at the bottom of your betting slip. Many bookies separate the returned stake and the winnings to help you see how profitable a certain wager is.

It pays to experiment with different stakes and horses to see how the calculator alters your potential winnings. 

Five benefits of using a horse racing calculator

Why should you make sure you have a horse racing calculator available? Calculators are everywhere, but not all of them are made equal.

· Odds conversion – Some people like to use fractional, American or decimal odds. There are also calculators that offer implied odds. Make your conversions easy by just clicking a button.

· Know your profit – Profits are everything but making sure a bet is profitable can net you hundreds of pounds more in the long run.

· Exotic bets – Deal with the more exotic bets, such as multiples and accumulators.

· Include promotions – If your bookie has an active promotion on a certain race, calculators can take these promotions into account. For promotions that can be employed in the race of your choice, factoring them into different races is crucial to making the right decision.

· Bet fast – Speed is of the essence as the minutes and seconds tick down before the race begins. If you’ve got a point-to-point in Yorkshire starting in five minutes, you need to act fast. Horse racing calculators enable you to get a snapshot of the situation faster.

Anyone who places bets on horse racing regularly will benefit from using a calculator to make strategic decisions and place their bets. If you’re working on a system, it’s even more essential that you use a calculator.

Why you should use a third-party calculator

Most people use horse racing calculators without thinking about it. Every modern bookie has one built into its platforms. Lots of third-party calculators exist too. Some of them are free, and some of them require a subscription.

It’s highly recommended that people who are seriously into horse racing gambling invest in a calculator with extra features. The calculators you find at the bookies are the most basic form of the calculator.

They often cannot take into account promotions or calculate the implied odds. The most advanced calculators enable you to try out different wagers and compare potential returns vs odds.

If you’re someone who utilizes multiple betting sites for gambling on international horse races, using a calculator to cover every market creates a unified approach.

Accumulator horse racing calculators are especially useful for placing multiples quickly and easily. Building the perfect acca is never easy and requires that careful attention be paid to every leg added.

If you decide to invest in a third-party calculator, you should never have to register with any product or service in exchange for access. Do your research and review the top calculators. See what others are saying about them and try some out to see which works best for you.


Horse racing calculators are an essential tool for anyone who loves to bet online. You cannot maximize the tools you have at your disposal without one. While it’s easy to settle on whichever integrated horse racing calculator your favourite bookie offers, they may lack many of the essential features you expect.

Do you use a horse racing calculator to manage your betting strategy?