BHA Press Release - Disciplinary Panel result of fast-tracked case (A. Balding)

Published 2020/06/01

Andrew Balding

No penalty - breach of Rule (G)2.1 in relation to the positive sample returned by HELLO BANGKOK (IRE) following the horse's run in The Antiques Collectables Vintage Fair 5 May Handicap (Class 5) at Brighton Racecourse on 1 May 2019.

On 29 May 2019 it was reported that the post-race urine sample taken from HELLO BANGKOK (IRE) had returned an adverse analytical finding for Ranitidine.

Following an investigation, the source of the positive could not be established.

Mr Balding provided an explanation that he did not use Ranitidine, this assertion has been supported by evidence from his vet and by a review of all medication, feed and supplement inventories and a review of veterinary records.

Expert scientific opinion was sought from Dr Stuart Paine, who confirmed that there is no international screening level for Ranitidine.

Dr Paine also opined that such a low concentration could have occurred as a result of cross-contamination.

Ranitidine is used as an anti-ulcer medication for humans but is not licensed for use in animals in the UK.

Based on the evidence obtained during the investigation and the extremely low estimated concentration of the Prohibited Substance in the sample, the BHA accepted that Mr Balding, as the Responsible Person, were able to satisfy both limbs of Rule (G)11.4 and therefore proposed that no penalty should be imposed.

However, HELLO BANGKOK (IRE) would have to be disqualified from the race at Brighton on 1 May 2019 under Rule (A)74.2 Ground

3. The Judicial Panel Chairman approved the proposal of no penalty and the disqualification of HELLO BANGKOK (IRE) from the race at Brighton on 1 May 2019.

Notes to Editors:

1. The Panel for the Enquiries will be: His Honour Brian Barker C.B.E. QC (Chair).

2. There have been a number of temporary changes to the way the Judicial Panel operates in light of the current situation and resulting difficulties arising from the corona virus, including the deferral of any fines.

More information is available here.

Please note, the BHA Judicial Panel is an independent body which encompasses the Disciplinary Panel, Appeal Board and Licensing Committee.

It receives administrative support from the BHA via the Judicial Panel Secretary.