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Point to Point Fixtures 2018 to 2019

Date Name Course Postcode
2018-05-26 Fitzwilliam (Milton) Dingley LE16
2018-05-27 Berks & Bucks Draghounds Kingston Blount OX39 4SG
2018-05-27 West Somerset Vale Cothelstone TA4 3DS
2018-05-27 South Durham Sedgefield Racecourse TS21 2HW
2018-05-28 Albrighton & Woodland (South) Chaddesley Corbett DY10 4QT
2018-05-28 South Tetcott Upcott Cross EX21 5AE
2018-06-02 Pembrokeshire Trecoed SA62 5UN
2018-06-02 Meynell & South Staffordshire Garthorpe LE14 2RS
2018-06-03 Exmoor Foxhounds Bratton Down EX31 4SG
2018-06-10 Tiverton Staghounds Bratton Down EX31 4SG
2018-06-16 Torrington Farmers Umberleigh EX37 9EB