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Find out about Racing Fixtures Ltd and how to request a directory entry for just £60 + VAT per year.

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  • "Search for" searches:- If you're not sure how to express your search, our search engine can help you find what you're looking for by searching for “restaurant” or “hotel”
  • "or company name" searches:-  search for a company name i.e. “Dean Court Hotel”
  • Browse: - Browse enables you to find a business by browsing through individual racecourses. For example, the Hotels & Accommodation category features everything related to where you can stay, from a B&B to a top Hotel. Just click on a racecourse to get to the listings you need in your chosen location.

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Tips on optimizing your advert for Super Search

Here are some key tips for optimizing your advert for Super Search and "Search within results":

  • You only need to list a particular word once for a search to find you. Repeating the same word more than once does not influence your ranking and can detract from the other messages you are trying to communicate to users.
  • Include your business in the relevant classification(s). By being in more classifications relating to your business you have more chance of being found.
  • Results are prioritized purely by the relevance of their content to a given search. No advertiser is propelled up the list by spending more.
  • Don't use abbreviations as the search engine may not recognize them, and users may not use them when they enter search criteria.
  • It's crucial to word your advert with care, including the words users may search for when looking for a business like yours.

Get your listing to the top:- you can get your listing to the top of its particular category by having a priority listing call 0845 838 0859 (Local Rate) for more information.

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