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Photo by Mikel Ortega, CC BY-SA 2.0

Games Can Tell You a Thing or Two About Horse Racing

Many aspects of what we know about the world in which we live eventually go on the internet. And any respectable business of any kind has representation on the web, including the ever-popular horse racing. While there is a lot about horse racing that has already been offered or shared online, including valuable information and useful learning tools, some of it surprisingly comes in the form of games that serves both entertaining and educational purposes.

Even here at, we have no way of knowing for certain how horse racing will develop in the future. With some bold predictions about robots riding horses in the not-too-distant future, we may be looking at some revolutionary solutions. Perhaps the idea of professionals in this field will shift to qualified people controlling the machines, and the whole industry will resemble one of those high performing electronic sports disciplines, as summarized on the Unibet Esports Champions page. One thing is for sure, the virtual world will be playing a bigger and bigger part. Evidently, games too can provide more than an entertaining value.

Undoubtedly, there is no shortage of enjoyable computer or video games about the most exciting part of this business: the racing. Although they don’t give too much of an idea about riding horses in real life, at least they can help grow a fan base for the discipline or maybe encourage someone to pursue a career in the sport. If only for that reason alone the issue deserves a closer look and a little appreciation.

Another approach focuses on the different aspects but still comes from the deep love for the amazing animals. Horse breeding games allow players to virtually own a horse (or horses), breed them and take care of them. Some of them require payment, some are free and you can fire them up on Facebook or straight from your browser. They also vary in graphics and attention to details. You can ride around, rise in the rankings of reputation, take part in competitions, make friends and engage in the community of like-minded people. To some extent, they can offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of horses and maybe show a little about how the real stables are working.